News (Paper) You Can Use

You’ve read the day’s news, you’ve read the week’s news, and the month’s news……Now what do you do with all the paper that’s been accumulated. Rather than trash them, here’s something you can use them for…..make a 100% recycled newspaper basket as prescribed by Studio Verissimo. The basket is a made with recycled 60 sheets of newspaper and is a resistant container made by using a traditional basket weaving technique.Thumbs Up to recycling!


5 Responses to “News (Paper) You Can Use”

  1. thats really a creative solution.
    i will love to have one near my desk !

  2. it’s cool stuff…BRAVO !!

  3. Marie Lou Caccam Says:

    i madae paper baskets in any shape back in my home country Philippines………………i can make a lot of baskets made of newspaper in a day for a living………………….i am now in pittsburgh pennsylvania……………….anyone out there interested to buy from me by order paper baskets????????? maybe pencil holders? or baskets for ornamental indoor plants or plate mats………….please contact me……….thank you or call or text 412 9535314

  4. hello, i’m just browsing for something that made of ex-use newspaper, i think this stuff is simply useful. and i am interesting to made it by myself.. so can you tell me the steps to make it? thanks

  5. Elizabeth Chowfin Says:

    I would love to learn this technique… would love to make one for myself

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