Universal Connections via the USB!

dialog05 is a design group from Munich whose debut work ‘universal connections‘ is something to write about. Quoting from the group’s website – ” what is the difference between analogue and digital, physical and virtual? what connects and bridges these apparently different worlds?  this is the area we wanted to explore with our universal connections experiment and project. It is a question that each member of dialog05 addresses on a daily basis as an industrial designer creating consumer products.”

The group has effectively used the oh-so-common USB that was once a landmark by technology standards to represent their take on the way new products are received and accepted and become an integral, even inseparable part of peoples’ lives, sometimes taking the form of something totally different from the original idea.

I loved the overall concept of their work as well as the choice of products……and I wouldn’t mind owning few of them if they were indeed operational USBs!

‘data injection’ – not only for data junkies, also in the event of a virus. or simply for your daily data rations!

‘data lock’ – no access for unauthorized persons.

‘peer-to-peer’ – communication is spontaneous, direct, and works best between two individuals. is digital a serious alternative?

‘theft’ – data security, virus protection, video piracy and industrial espionage – a tool for theft on a digital level.

‘essentials’ – what are our essential needs? what do we really need for surviving?


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