reCover Shelter

With increasing incidences of natural calamities striking almost all parts of the globe, the need for emergency housing has never been more evident. The Accordion reCover Shelter designed by Matthew Malone, Amanda Goldberg, Jennifer Metcalf and Grant Meacham, which can sustain a family of four following a disaster for up to a month, is indeed the need of the times.  The oversized origami structure can be entirely collapsed into not one, but two different shapes (either horse-shoe or flat) depending on which is easier to transport. It is composed of polypropylene, meaning no harmful gases go into the production of the shelter and it is 100% recyclable after use. Set-up takes minutes and only requires one person on deck.

Once the temporary residence is unfolded, the functional ridges can be used to collect drinking water, and local materials or even ground cover can be used to better insulate the structure and keep harsh weather at bay. As a sustainable and inexpensive solution to provide a quick roof over victim’s heads… it for the design, detailing and of course the concept.

via InHabitat


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