These Bags are All ‘Charged Up’

I stumbled upon the Noon Solar website quite by chance and boy, am I glad I did! With an amazing collection of chic/ casual/sporty/ everyday use bags integrated with a solar panel to capture that overbearing noon light and help charge your ipod or cell phone while you’re going about your work, Noon Solar has an ace up its sleeve.

Noon Solar bags incorporate flexible solar panels to keep cell phones and iPods charged. Each bag is designed to be able to sit in a window at work or in the car to collect charges. The solar power is stored in a lithium-ion battery pack, weighing about 4oz, found inside the bag. Because the solar power is stored inside a battery pack, cell phones and iPods can be charged day or night.

Noon Solar bags are made from biodegradable materials so that the bags can skip the landfill and go directly into your backyard without hurting the earth. The bags are safe and non-toxic, and most of the materials will actually nourish the earth if buried. The other materials such as the solar panel and hardware can be removed and recycled or reused.

Further, the bags are, in fact, made of biodegradable materials such as chrome-free leathers that are tanned with sustainably harvested materials like rhubarb and walnuts and naturally hand-dyed hemp/cotton fabrics.

While there are several bags that incorporate the solar panel for a similar result, I loved these bags for their great styling, a good instance of technology and design complementing each other so well.  What else can I say? Despite a slightly steep price, I’m impressed!!


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