Design for Disaster

Came across the the Exo emergency housing designed by Refugia for, as the name suggests, refugees of natural disasters. The Exos are shelter units that make up the backbone of the Reaction housing system. They provide private living and sleeping quarters for a family of four within a climate-controlled environment. Each Exo is durable enough to be stored on a long-term basis and flat packs for efficient storage and transportation. The Exo’s design allows for numerous configurations to meet any need or deployment condition.

Reaction is a comprehensive, rapid-deploy housing system with a variety of configurations that can meet any challenge related to a disaster, natural or manmade. It primarily consists of shelter units, accessories, and supporting infrastructure that can be rapidly transported in mass via conventional means to almost any location in the world. At the core of the system is the Exo shelter units, with each unit being manufactured at a cost of $5000.00 or less. Reaction is designed to be flexible, reusable, and inexpensive.

I like the whole concept because, it shows how design can still be an integral part of and contribute sensitively to non-conventional contexts. How design could actually lead to economic as well as eco-sensitive solutions that would be of use to common man at times of need.Check out the website for more detailed info.


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