Accelerated Seating…..

Copenhagen based designer Phillip Grass has designed this wonderfully sleek sofa (its a digital prototype) – Acceleration, which is “futuristic with a sense of acceleration and speed; organic with seamless flowing forms”. He’s obviously inspired by spaceships, airplanes and cars, as well as the structure of bones and the fluid forms of fish.

I’ve read a lot of criticism for this design on Dezeen, where I came across it first. But to the designer’s credit, he’s at least tried to create something different – every concept need not end up being a ‘master’ design, and yes, proportions could go wrong when you start with something. If the designer has the sense to refine and rework on mistakes, why not give him a chance? As for myself, I do like the aerodynamic form, in spite of the obvious references. And I do think a real world prototype would help erase all doubts…..

via Dezeen

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