Want to ‘Switch’ you Furniture??

SwiTCh is a new concept by designer Ellen Ectors. It is a chair and a table, a relaxing seat and a small working place in one. It switches instantly and effortlessly. swiTCh is the designer’s graduation work and was selected by theyoungdesignersfair interior 08, Kortrijk. The chair/table is completely handmade and multifunctional and easily adapts from a comfortable chair to a small working place. It is a 100% Belgian design, made out of massive oak and fine leather with a filled ball. Encompassing the timeless geometries of both a cube and a sphere it is formal and relaxed, soft and structured, ready for work and play. Ergonomic aspects of the ball improve the posture, provide energy and help stay alert. I love it for its adaptability and the simple, elegant design and detail of execution. Thumbs Up!



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One Response to “Want to ‘Switch’ you Furniture??”

  1. those chairs are so cool what a great idea i wish i had come up with that idea

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