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Recycle – A ‘Soap’ Story…..

Posted in graphic design, product design with tags , , , , , on November 3, 2008 by anonimiss

Soso Designers from France designed these packaging concepts for Designboom’s Reinvent competition and incidentally won the first place in the packaging category. Cleaning products generate lot of wastes. In this concept, MR CLEAN becomes a company which actively takes care of environment. The designers enhanced the shape of classical liquid multipurpose cleaner, spray multipurpose cleaner, and dish washing detergent bottles, in order to invite consumers to keep and fill them at home. After the bottle purchase, the client will only buy concentrate refill pack to dilute it with water, and throw it after use in the recycle bin. These thin refill refer to the formal shape of cleanings products, instead of real bottles clients will buy images as a memory of them. I liked this concept because it offers a message to recycle while not compromising on the punch required to attract customers. Plus, while the idea of refills is not new, the idea of shaping the refills in the exact form of the original packaging is, and that ads that extra charm.

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Float Your Books Around

Posted in product design with tags , , , on August 27, 2008 by anonimiss

Well, this is called a ‘book tower’, but I like the way it makes the book’s ‘float’ in air, once the tower is fully filled with them. Simple and nice…..Found it at haseform.