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A Tram Stop that will make you ‘Stop’!

Posted in architecture, design with tags , , , , on October 26, 2008 by anonimiss

Spanish architects Subarquitectura designed this beautiful tram stop, located in the city of Alicante, Spain, which would be the central stage of a new line of the tram that links the center of the city to the residential areas. To avoid the existing trees the fractal access system had to make some changes in each side; the travelers can arrive to the platform in 32 different possibilities. Over the platforms, 2 vacant containers (36 meter long, 3 meter wide and 2,5 meter high) create a floating space. The openings allow light and air through as a soft breeze in summer months and at nights the containers are transformed into two huge lamps. Benches are spread over the garden close to the paths, creating a public space. I like!

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An Apartment that could have ‘A Part Meant’ for You

Posted in architecture with tags , , , on October 17, 2008 by anonimiss

Spanish architects Dosmasuno have completed an apartment block in the Madrid suburb of Carabanchel, consisting of 102 apartments of the same layout, with further bedrooms housed in protruding modules. The designers feel that “Despite the guidelines drawn on the plots, places need to express their own personality, to arise naturally, to construct themselves”. Working on this idea, they have designed this beautiful building that is geometric, pure, serene and playful, all at the same time. Maybe a little clinical/monotonous owing to the choice of color, but I think colors would automatically be added when people start living in there. And I love the huge masses jutting out at intervals, forming the extra bedrooms within. They offer a very playful dynamism to the whole built form.

via Crookedbrains

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Leaf Chapel

Posted in architecture, interior design with tags , , , , on October 15, 2008 by anonimiss

The Leaf chapel designed by Klein Dytham architecture sits within the grounds of the Risonare hotel resort in Kobuchizawa, a refreshingly green setting with beautiful views to the southern Japanese Alps, Yatsugatuke peaks and Mt.Fuji. The chapel is formed by 2 leaves – one glass, one steel – which have seemingly fluttered to the ground. The glass leaf with its delicate lace pattern motif emulates a pergola and the structure holding it up reminds one of the veins of a leaf which slowly become thinner the further they get from the central stem. The white steel leaf, perforated with 4700 holes, each of which hold an acrylic lens, is similar to bride’s veil made of delicate lace. Light filters through the lenses and projects a lace pattern onto the white fabric inside. At the end of the ceremony when the groom lifts the bride’s veil for the legendary kiss the ‘steel veil’ magically opens too, revealing the pond and the enchanting nature beyond.

Well, I’ve lifted the entire text from the designers’ website…..I guess the structure needed the detailed description to be fully appreciated. I quite liked the idea, it is both modern and baroquish at the same time. And it is a refreshing new way of looking at a chapel, both architecturally and spiritually.

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Back to School

Posted in architecture, interior design with tags , , , on August 18, 2008 by anonimiss

Loved this Kindergarten designed by 70ºN Arkitektur The design was developed for a competetion and were  completed in 2006. The idea was to provide adjustable spaces, allowing each room to be converted into a totally different space by moving few walls(one end of each of which is on wheels). And there are several buit-in features which offer several functionalities to the space. The space looks great from outside as well as inside…..I loved the openings so much. Makes me want to revisit my childhood!

via Crookedbrains

Cube Out and Curve In

Posted in architecture, interior design with tags , on August 10, 2008 by anonimiss

Well, the title says it all. The Leonardo Glass Cube created by 3deluxe is a glass cube, totally rectangular from the outside. But step in, and you’re into a totally different geometry, with not a single straight line anywhere! The building is a distinctive corporate architecture for the ‘Leonardo’ brand in Germany, and is designed as a pavilion, with an integrative concept that combines architecture, interior design and landscaping in a very interesting manner, binding them all together. I loved the stark interiors too…..


via Iconography

What “TYPE” is Your Sky?

Posted in architecture, photography with tags , , on August 9, 2008 by anonimiss

Type the Sky by Lisa Rienermann is an alphabet formed of shapes buildings make against the sky when photographed from below. “It began with the Q,” she says. “I was in a kind of courtyard in Barcelona. I looked upward and saw houses, the blue sky and clouds. The more I looked, I saw that the houses formed a letter Q.”

Loved it!!

via dezeen

‘Recycled’ Architecture

Posted in architecture with tags , on August 2, 2008 by anonimiss

Can you recycle architecture? Well, I guess that only means you put a building designed for a particular purpose to some other use (once the original purpose becomes redundant), rather than breaking apart the whole building and starting afresh again. While you’re giving a ‘second life’ to the building itself, you do save a lot of stuff in the bargain…..and you also contribute to the ‘green’ concept. That’s why I liked this ‘Barn’ House so much. Architect Rita Huys of Buro2 skillfully transformed this agricultural icon into a beautiful, modern dwelling.