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Fluid Light

Posted in interior design, product design with tags , , , , , on September 15, 2008 by anonimiss

Part of Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans on-going Design Virus series, Light Blubs are hand-blown crystal light bulbs containing LEDs. The designer says – “You may wonder: What is a light blub?? The answer is simple: it is a light bulb that has gone way out of line. Infected by the dreaded Design Virus, these Blubs have taken on all kinds of forms and sizes you wouldn’t expect from such well behaving and reliable little products. Nevertheless, they seem to be enjoying their new free existences.”

I love the free-flowing forms that lend that fluid quality to light. Its a great step towards looking beyond the established forms and shapes of things.And I particularly liked the last pic – of the table lamp….you really feel that the lights gonna flow away!

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This Light Creates a Flutter!

Posted in interior design, product design with tags , , , , , on September 13, 2008 by anonimiss

Loved the Buttefly Light designed by VINTA. Inspired by the act of folding paper, this is a light that gives a poetic feel to the space, like a butterfly flying around in silence. Beautiful! As I said, this one does create a flutter!

Cardboard Lamps

Posted in interior design, product design with tags , , , , , on September 9, 2008 by anonimiss

Loved both these cardboard lamps – Not a Box and Not a Lamp – designed by David Grass. Simple, with a do-it-yourself feel and a little gimmicky. Found them at HUH.

Pack Up Your Lamp

Posted in product design with tags , , on August 21, 2008 by anonimiss

David Gardner has designed this simple lamp, where the packaging itself becomes the product. Though I was initially not too happy with the shape of the lamp itself, the fact that the shape is completely determined by the electronic components that are packaged in it during transport made me change my mind. Interesting.