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Pack Up Your Lamp

Posted in product design with tags , , on August 21, 2008 by anonimiss

David Gardner has designed this simple lamp, where the packaging itself becomes the product. Though I was initially not too happy with the shape of the lamp itself, the fact that the shape is completely determined by the electronic components that are packaged in it during transport made me change my mind. Interesting.


A Concrete Idea

Posted in green, interior design, product design with tags , , , on August 14, 2008 by anonimiss

Loved this sink (hate to call it that!!) – the Erosion Sink, designed by Gore Design. Would be interesting to see the water flowing through the contours….Whats more, it is made from concrete and yet looks so elegant, you could never tell. The company believes in the ‘green’ concept, so besides maximizing the green qualities of concrete, the designers strive to make all materials and processes as environmentally friendly as possible.

As for me, I find the sink so sculptural, I can’t take my eyes off it. WoW!!

Clothes Antler

Posted in product design with tags , on August 12, 2008 by anonimiss

Liked this simple, minimal clothes hanger – Antlers – designed by Alexander Taylor……made me smile.

‘Tag’ This

Posted in graphic design, product design with tags , , on August 12, 2008 by anonimiss

Loved the ‘Pieces of you’ series of products designed and produced by African-born, London-based designer Bridget West . The products include crafts gorgeous housewares, pillows, and throws, from vintage labels and tags that critique the throw-away nature of our consumer existence in a really beautiful way.  You can choose from the Handle With Care pillow, the Delicate Cube, Made in Cube pillow, Bespoke Cusions and many more…. They are not only gorgeous and graphic, but provide an interesting critique on consumer culture- here are beautiful pieces made from remnants of other garments, reminding us that we’re consumers while doing it in a way that celebrates pieces of the old. You can order some for yourselves here.

via Inhabitat

‘Green’ Plastic??

Posted in interior design, product design with tags , , on August 11, 2008 by anonimiss

Found two interesting, minimalist and eco-friendly products at Blue Marmalade.

First is Polyrap, a colorful waste paper bin with an origami inspired design that comes in a wide selection of colors to suit any interior. The bin is cleverly designed with a single sheet of plastic and avoids the need of a bin liner –  it can quickly be unfold, wiped clean and refolded.

Next is the ‘remember me’ key hook, which is a colorful, fun  way to hang your keys and they make great gifts because they are so easy to post. The  ‘remember me’ attaches firmly to the wall and can be removed cleanly without any damage.

Both products are made using efficient low energy, cause low waste production, and use a single material that is fully recyclable. Innovative, contemporary, minimal…..I like!

Rugged Policies

Posted in graphic design, product design with tags , , on August 11, 2008 by anonimiss

Mexican design collective NEL have designed Global Warming Rug for Spanish textiles brand Nanimarquina. Global Warming contrasts the comfort and softness of a rug with a thorny problem that is specific to our time. Following the age-old tradition of using rugs as a means for communication and a cultural record, NEL is portraying global warming in a scene that invites us to reflect on our impact on today’s world. The rug features a felt polar bear on a small iceberg in a large sea of carpet.

Nice, though I feel the polar bear was unnecessary- it defeats the purpose of graphics to be so obvious.

via dezeen

Swing Along

Posted in product design with tags , , on August 10, 2008 by anonimiss

Leaf Swing, designed by ENEA studio, is a suspended seat/swing inspired by the falling leaves in autumn. Meant for adults, the swing, when placed in an outdoor space, creates shadows when sunlight glints through the leaf holes. Simple and nice…..